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Once a fangirl, always a fangirl!

Can anybody out there relate? 

Misc. unhappy thoughts...

Has the entire world lost its mind?

“If you are keeping your head while all those about you are losing theirs, perhaps you don’t understand the situation.”   Apparently I need to re-evaluate…

I’m exhausted and nearly defeated by privileged white males.

Can anyone point out the Biblical scripture that says “I’ve got mine, tough luck for the rest of you”?  or perhaps the one that says “Do as Jesus says, as long as it benefits me.”  

The older I get the more I believe that evil is amongst us every day.

“The rules apply to everyone except me” is one of the most dangerous attitudes but also the most prevalent.

Just in time for the holidays:  Don’t ask me for a Christmas list and then give me something completely inappropriate and unwanted, especially if you expect to receive thanks for the gift.


I hope your world is going better than this today!


We need an expert:

Hey snailbones

If a snail doesn't have a shell, is it naked or homeless?

(That should give us all something to think about besides holiday stress!)

Be careful where you stick your nose!

A friend informed me that her neighbor caught a young skunk in a humane trap in their backyard yesterday.  They got sprayed once when approaching the trap, so they decided just to leave the skunk in the trap until it died.  The smell of that initial spray has permeated their home including inside on furniture and on people.

I just couldn't let this continue as they had planned.  So I have done what I could to remedy the situation and prevent the murder of this innocent creature.

The local sheriff's department gave me the contact information for the area Dept. of Natural Resources agent, who will know what to do about this trapped wild animal.  I, in turn, gave the information to my friend and pushed her to contact the neighbor.

I do realize that the neighbor may ignore this information. I also realize that the wildlife agent may simply kill the animal in the trap to mitigate the situation.  But short of trespassing onto the property and getting "skunked" myself, I have done what I can.

I pray that these people won't exhibit any more human stupidity, and that the skunk will be saved and released into a wild area.  
Friday fun for snailbones and all the rest of the Livejournal bunch!

Click on the link for even more cute snail shenanigans.


Weekend preparations...

Hey, snailbones are you planning a party this weekend?

Baby badgers!

snailbones - sounds like one of your neighborhood denizens!

Baby Badger Buddies

Shouting at a friend – not a good idea.

An elderly friend has some very strong political views which I disagree with completely. I usually try to avoid discussing these views, if for no other reason than to honor her many years of experience. But …

I found myself wanting to shout at her “If you elect your Presidential candidate, we’ll have at least four years of horrible decisions and turmoil. You aren’t even going to LIVE that long – so don’t leave us with that legacy.”

I hate sounding like a self-centered whiner. But my friend’s vote and the votes of those like her are going to harm our country and the entire world. Yes, the elders have the right to vote. But they don’t have the right to bury the following generations in political crap generated in the hopes that things will be like the “old days.” Those old days are gone.

Change is difficult; no doubt about it. Aging is difficult, absolutely. But they are both happening to every one of us every day. Don’t let years of hard-earned wisdom turn into pushing for the way things used to be. Don’t screw up our future with the longing for your past.

<end of rant for now>