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Oh, Snaily.....

Hey, snailbones   Maybe this could be an entry in your ongoing series of posts about love???

Happy Birthday Luicat!

To our dear luicat

Hope life is treating you well these days.  Happy Birthday and have a wonderful holiday season. 

Happy Birthday Polly_b

Best wishes to you on your special day!

Make that jack-o-lantern last longer...

Here's a method that works - if you don't mind bleach.
(borrowed from unknown source)

Happy Birthday, Alyburns and Snailbones

Happy Birthday to Snailbones.  Happy Belated Birthday to Alyburns.

You've both been a delight to have as friends over many years!


Profound sorrow has arrived...

My mom passed away at home yesterday.  Her BFF and I were with her. She was 90 yrs old.

The world has changed, yet it remains the same.  How can that be?