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Mysteries in boxes and closets!

Ok, flist - see if you can figure THIS one out...

Yesterday while cleaning out old clothes and shoes from my closet, I found a box that had three (yes, 1-2-3) shoes that match - not a pair and a spare, but three right shoes all the same size and color.

I have been known to buy multiple pairs of shoes when they fit well and wear well - so that would explain 3 pair all the same - but what the heck happened to the left shoes????????

Someplace in my vast wasteland of stuff-still-packed-from-2-moves-ago there must be a box with 3 left shoes. I just hope I remember that I have now tossed out the righties...

I also managed to toss three garbage bags (the big size) of clothing. Most if it was too small, too stained, too ripped, too ugly, or too uncomfy. I do admit there was probably 10% of the items that were good enough to be donated to charity - but ... *feeling bad karma here*

I even had my helper-friend carry the garbage bags immediately down to the dumpster so that I wouldn't be tempted to go back and pick out a few items and put them back in the closet.

I'm happy to be rid of this crap, but not feeling all that virtuous - because there is still so much to be sorted. *wishing for a magic wand to banish the junk* *also wishing for a Snape and other kinds of wand-waving*

Happy weekend everyone!


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Apr. 19th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)

LOL - I hope you find the three left shoes soon, or you're going to be worrying about them for a long time! Getting rid of the crap is a wonderful feeling isn't it... the wretched stuff must breed in dark corners or something *g*

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