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For your driving pleasure...

Audiobooks – I’m so glad someone invented them! In the past several years, I’ve enjoyed many books on tape and on CD’s in my car commuting to/from work. For me, listening to random music or talking heads on the radio is not relaxing or enjoyable while I’m driving.

The most recent book on tape I’ve been listening to is "Call Me Crazy: A Memoir" by Anne Heche. I have to admit I picked it up because I wondered if she mentioned Richard Burgi (“Jim Ellison” on The Sentinel) from her years on the soap operas… FYI he was not mentioned by name.

The story of her life is quite intense, with in-depth discussion of how her entire existence has been shaped by very early sexual abuse. I was very pleased to hear her matter-of-fact portrayal of the psychological therapy she has had in order to help her cope with her past. I know that therapy can be incredibly helpful – having someone on your side, someone who is there to help you and not judge you, can be very beneficial.

Her story also has a religious component. She was raised in a very devout religious family in Middle America. As with many religious people, her parents’ behavior did not reflect the beliefs they so strongly proclaimed. Anne raises some tough questions about the harm done by some people claiming to be God’s chosen few.

All in all, her story is intense, with a bit of Hollywood name dropping and a lot of sincere work at recovering from a childhood of abuse and pain. And as a personal comment: I have NO idea what Richard thinks of her now, but based on her own portrayal of her screwed-up life, I am glad they both moved on…

Anyone have other audiobook favorites to recommend?




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