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Update - As the Fangirl Unzips!

Well, I’ve been home from the hospital for two weeks, and I’m running out of easy entertainment. But I have lots of groceries, thanks to friends, and lots of fanfics still to absorb! I’m going to have to get my TV fixed so I can watch SGA dvds!

ACK ACK ACK At least 4 more weeks before I can drive!!!!!

Recovery continues - but with a bit of an interruption!

Saturday my surgery incision opened up a bit. GRRRR! I was in the bathroom, and felt something going on more than bathroom things - I leaked lots of fluid from the incision. (Not bleeding, thankfully) I called the doctor and they said go to the ER. So I put a big pad over my tummy, got myself dressed, and by the time some helpful friends arrived, I was set to go.

I was only there about 90 minutes - the problem is about 1 1/2 inches of the 8 inch (or more) incision has opened. I also had to go back Sunday for "wound check" Thankfully, they have a mini-clinic in the ER to fast track things that aren't strictly emergencies.

Today I went back to see the surgeon about the unzipping of my incision. He was very pleased that it was not very extensive. So, I won't have to go to the ER anymore unless something ELSE happens. And I can do the wound care myself - not as complicated as it was when I had the other surgery. So, no nurses visits at home. And no expensive medical supplies - just some peroxide and 4x4 gauze and a pad to protect the wound after cleaning. I can even shower again with plastic taped in place.

I’m feeling ok - not too tired, not even any pain, just uncomfortable. I just need to keep up the rest and healing. My main problem is the heat wave we’re having and that wearing this big elastic "abdominal binder" - big elastic velcro belt - makes my skin itchy and warm. Other than that, I take ibuprofen a couple times a day, and I'm doing good.

Thanks for the good wishes, Flist - It really helps to hear from you! Good health to all!


Sep. 30th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
Dang, you figured me out - I really only had the surgery and unzipping in order to get Dr. McKay to come practice his bedside manner *snicker* *blush* Is it getting warm in here? Suddenly I'm feeling MUCH better *giggle*

My surgeon knew ahead of time that I'd unzipped when I had the same surgery for the other side - so he did his best to make sure it stayed closed. He used more internal stitches, and even on the outside used the more old-fashioned closure methods.

This time it is much less open. It is kind of like a zipper that is a bit broken - the beginning and end of the zipper is fine, but in the middle things don't quite meet up. It will heal with a bit of a scar, but then I already had one in the same place.

Sorry, I do ramble on and on about this - I guess those of us who have medical adventures want to share the experience and give advice... Hopefully useful advice!

Thanks for the hugs - I'm sure there must be something to the special beanie healing touch!



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