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Update - As the Fangirl Unzips!

Well, I’ve been home from the hospital for two weeks, and I’m running out of easy entertainment. But I have lots of groceries, thanks to friends, and lots of fanfics still to absorb! I’m going to have to get my TV fixed so I can watch SGA dvds!

ACK ACK ACK At least 4 more weeks before I can drive!!!!!

Recovery continues - but with a bit of an interruption!

Saturday my surgery incision opened up a bit. GRRRR! I was in the bathroom, and felt something going on more than bathroom things - I leaked lots of fluid from the incision. (Not bleeding, thankfully) I called the doctor and they said go to the ER. So I put a big pad over my tummy, got myself dressed, and by the time some helpful friends arrived, I was set to go.

I was only there about 90 minutes - the problem is about 1 1/2 inches of the 8 inch (or more) incision has opened. I also had to go back Sunday for "wound check" Thankfully, they have a mini-clinic in the ER to fast track things that aren't strictly emergencies.

Today I went back to see the surgeon about the unzipping of my incision. He was very pleased that it was not very extensive. So, I won't have to go to the ER anymore unless something ELSE happens. And I can do the wound care myself - not as complicated as it was when I had the other surgery. So, no nurses visits at home. And no expensive medical supplies - just some peroxide and 4x4 gauze and a pad to protect the wound after cleaning. I can even shower again with plastic taped in place.

I’m feeling ok - not too tired, not even any pain, just uncomfortable. I just need to keep up the rest and healing. My main problem is the heat wave we’re having and that wearing this big elastic "abdominal binder" - big elastic velcro belt - makes my skin itchy and warm. Other than that, I take ibuprofen a couple times a day, and I'm doing good.

Thanks for the good wishes, Flist - It really helps to hear from you! Good health to all!


Oct. 18th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
Re: Lisa sent me and my Boyz
WooHoo! Thanks for the good cheer from you and the Boyz! Our little clan of Boyz can solve almost any problem, especially those needing TLC and comfort!

I especially appreciated that Simon and Dr. Joe added their advice - and I expect Joel to chime in with "Ostrich Chili has many healing powers!" *snicker*

Hmmm, Rafe probably says "It's better to look good than to feel good!" And Megan --- well, I don't have an Aussie dictionary so I'm not sure WHAT she would say!

I was hoping that my medical adventures would yield a story for the Boyz - but since Jim and Blair have already spent plenty of time in the hospital, I don't think I could add anything they didn't already know. Plus, I don't think they would appreciate being subjected to a script with exploding ovaries! Then of course, the question is WHICH one has the exploding.... oh nevermind *giggle*

Hugs for you and your boyz too - thanks again for the good wishes!



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