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I hope everyone is just about done with any lurking Thanksgiving leftovers - tasty only lasts so long! And for those of you who didn't celebrate - I can email you some extra gravy if you like!

This year, I again went to my friend D's home and was the chief cook (even wore a flowery apron, but didn't look as good as Jim Ellison does!) We ended up having only 4 adults and no kids this year - which was fine. We had a 9 lb turkey - it was tasty enough, but I would definitely want to cook a bigger bird next time. We had plenty of meat for the meal but the effort to make a turkey doesn't really change much with the size (within reason) - but the amount of decent leftovers sure does!

So, I did the turkey, dressing, gravy, Waldorf salad (a family tradition from my grandma) and mashed potatoes. I can't say that it was a terribly balanced meal, but everything came out well - we had TONS of gravy again *shrug* and I did get a good collection of leftovers which have all disappeared as of today!

Luckily no drama this year - I didn't drop the turkey, we remembered to thaw the turkey, and the oven didn't fall out of the wall (yes, those things have happened in past (long past) years. We had pumpkin cheesecake for dessert - made by Sara Lee.

Ok, that's MY T-day report - except for the part about reading all the newspaper ads for "Black Friday" shopping - nothing really jumped out and said "YOU MUST BUY ME AT 5 AM". I'm glad.

I hope all the dear ones on my flist had a loving and memory-filled holiday/weekend! And now - bring on the Christmas Carols!

P.S. Any Boston Legal fans - be sure and watch the "Thanksgiving" episode aired last week - it is one of the best ever!



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