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OH NO!!! the Peep Police

If you haven't heard from me in the next 48 hours, you might check with the Peep Police. I just may have caused a Peep incident in my local supermarket. Completely by accident of course. *innocent look*

While wandering the supermarket aisles tonight, I came to the end-of-an-aisle display of the very discounted Valentine candy (being Feb. 15th and all). There were six wooden crates of miscellaneous chocolates and marshmallow Peep treats and cutesy stuffed animals holding hearts full of candy - all at wonderfully marked down prices. However, they were all just dumped into these crates, not organized or grouped in any way, and some packages were even smashed or broken open.

As I rummaged through the least-damaged looking bin, a store clerk came by, and just stood and stared at the crates. He appeared to be evaluating how to condense the six crates down into some fewer number, leaving more room to display profit-producing items. He poked at a couple of the bent chocolate long-stemmed roses, and kicked at the crate containing pitiful looking damaged red foil hearts. But he seemed to have absolutely no idea with else to do with the candy or the display.

Well, since my resistance to chocolate and my resistance to smart-ass remarks are approximately equal, I pushed my cart over next to him and said "Do you hear that? That high pitched whine -- or ... maybe it's crying!"

He just frowned at me and shook his head as if clearing away some mental cobwebs.

I looked down at the crates and with rising anxiety in my voice I said "I think something's happened! Oh No! It's the Peeps! They've all been smashed! Oh the poor things!" and I held my hands up over my heart as if mourning the demise of dear, dear friends.

In response to my impassioned plea for these innocently injured sugary treats, the clerk glanced down at the six candy-filled crates, heaved a great sigh and walked off down the aisle toward the back of the store, never to be seen again...

Yes, I have broken the will to live of a lowly grocery clerk, using only my (self-described) sharp wit and a crate full of Peeps.

I am so very proud!

P.S. I know this poor clerk was as much an innocent in this as the poor damaged Peeps - but occasionally we customers are allowed to score one against the dolts and dim-wits that often populate the employ of many local retail establishments.



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