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While on a long drive today, I found myself trying to make every song on the CD player into a fanfic/fanvid. It was quite silly! Some of the songs didn't match any of my favorite pairings. But then some songs had one pairing in the first verse and a totally different pairing in the second verse.

Somewhere during one song, I had a mental image of Jim Ellison in a long white duster coat and a cowboy hat and boots (yummmm!!!) Then there was John Sheppard pining after Rodney while Atlantis was on earth and McKeller was happening (yuck!) John looked so forlorn standing on the balcony! And last but not least, Blair Sandburg FINALLY figuring out that Jim cares....

After all that imagining, I'm glad my car found its own way to my destination, because I was basically off in fanfic land! Alas, I'm not actually going to make any of the fanvids, but I likely will replay a couple (dozen) times in my poor pitiful brain!

I'm just glad the other drivers on the road didn't know what was REALLY getting my attention!


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Jan. 28th, 2010 12:04 pm (UTC)

I had a mental image of Jim Ellison in a long white duster coat and a cowboy hat and boots (yummmm!!!)

Hoo boy - and now I want to see him just like that... drat! Somebody needs to come up with the technology to make vids of what's going on in our imaginations. ::looks at flist:: Um, said vids would have to be delivered in brown paper packages with warning labels, of course. *g*

Jan. 28th, 2010 09:43 pm (UTC)
Yah, the town sheriff look would be good on Jim. But then, he'd look good even if he didn't wear anything. *snicker*

My one experiment in making a fanvid didn't go very far, because I couldn't find the video footage I THOUGHT I remembered. It was a great scene, but apparently only in my dreams. *sigh* The scene was even G-rated, and it STILL didn't really exist.
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