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October? Already?!?!?!?!??!?!

Time is flying - and getting stuck at the airport!

Oh wait, that was me!  I went for a week during Sept. to visit my mom back in Wisconsin, and waited through an amazing lightning storm at the Denver airport (mid point of my travels).  The trip was very emotional, as I hadn't seen my mom in too long, and we had boxes of stuff to sort through - memories galore! 

I also saw a friend from high school days, who had  toddlers last time I saw her and now has grown children. How does THAT happen?????  Seeing my old home town was a great reminder that it was a good place to grow up, and a good place to leave. Sorry, hometown folk!

UPS brought me 3 boxes of "stuff" after I arrived home - I couldn't carry it all on the plane!  I threw out a lot of things before packing the boxes, and my mom was a bit distressed about my lack of sentimental attachment to some of my school days memorabilia.  *shrug*  I saved one doll - but my favorite Tonka truck got sold at the house sale!   In fact, it sold for more than her good sofa.  America is Antiques Roadshow crazy!!!!

The trip was physically tiring, and I'm glad I had lost some weight before taking on the adventure.  My shoulder seems to be behaving now that it's healed, with a twinge or two from carrying too much luggage.  I sure hope that it won't be as long until the next time I visit Mom!

Autumn best wishes to all my flist - time to start carving pumpkins and staring at your wardrobe for Halloween costume inspiration!


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Oct. 5th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
It sounds like it was a busy trip but next time you're in Wisconsin, if it's convenient, let me know and I will drive over to visit. It kills me that you were so close and I didn't see you!
Oct. 5th, 2010 04:42 am (UTC)
What's worse - I flew in/out of Minneapolis. I did think of contacting you, but alas my time ran out with family events. As I was getting lost near downtown St. Paul in the rental car I WAS thinking: If I get too lost, I can call Ande! Fortunately, or unfortunately, I found my way.

I promise to let you know ahead of time, next visit - perhaps if nothing else, a hookup at the airport?!??!?! *VBG*

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