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Shouting at a friend – not a good idea.

An elderly friend has some very strong political views which I disagree with completely. I usually try to avoid discussing these views, if for no other reason than to honor her many years of experience. But …

I found myself wanting to shout at her “If you elect your Presidential candidate, we’ll have at least four years of horrible decisions and turmoil. You aren’t even going to LIVE that long – so don’t leave us with that legacy.”

I hate sounding like a self-centered whiner. But my friend’s vote and the votes of those like her are going to harm our country and the entire world. Yes, the elders have the right to vote. But they don’t have the right to bury the following generations in political crap generated in the hopes that things will be like the “old days.” Those old days are gone.

Change is difficult; no doubt about it. Aging is difficult, absolutely. But they are both happening to every one of us every day. Don’t let years of hard-earned wisdom turn into pushing for the way things used to be. Don’t screw up our future with the longing for your past.

<end of rant for now>

Oh, Snaily.....

Hey, snailbones   Maybe this could be an entry in your ongoing series of posts about love???

Happy Birthday Luicat!

To our dear luicat

Hope life is treating you well these days.  Happy Birthday and have a wonderful holiday season. 

Happy Birthday Polly_b

Best wishes to you on your special day!

Make that jack-o-lantern last longer...

Here's a method that works - if you don't mind bleach.
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